Apr 7, 2013

First tournament of laughter America


Held in the United States the first scramble tournament contestants on humor and make those around them laugh.

Hundreds of people have competed in the first American championship of humor in the city, "San Diego" in the framework of the annual conference of the Association of Applied Sciences and therapeutic humor.

Competition includes the face of two runners each other and start laughing audience determines which individuals are better able to publish If laughter is the largest.
Among the participants, military man "Reid Daont" (33 years), who spent 14 years in the U.S. Navy and hopes to get more racers zaniest title, according to the newspaper "Huffington Post."
And indicates "Red" that participated in the tournament after many said he has a laughable laugh around him, and he does not suffer so he can laugh to indicate that his chances are not as bad.
But it is not easy, as the committee responsible for the selection of the more than 10 people Funny will be designated under difficult conditions, and after reaching the zaniest of 10 will be liquidated through them try out different types of laughter, according to the "Albert Nerynberg".
And explained Nerynberg "serious competitions laughter, saying that it should be the most important ceremonial events in the coming years, adding that the participants in these contests unique style of people should benefit from it even more because they bring fun to the world.

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